Thursday, April 26, 2012

CSman Arrives

What a great day! I got up quite early today to catch a train to NYC, but, I did not make the trek alone! I now have a perpetual travel partner to keep me entertained as I traipse around the country for Cleversafe. Introducing, CSman! Who wouldn't want a little green dancing robot following them around?

So, on the train, after downing my daily allotment of caffeine, I busted out CSman, wound him up and gave him some room! My seatmate on the train was trying to ignore him, but, finally, she broke down and actually giggled! CSman scores his first smile!

CSman dancing on the Acela
A couple hours later, we arrive at the Disney/ABC facility in NYC to assist my colleague, Kevin Sullivan, install a few servers for a proof of concept system. We fully expected to be there at least 6 or 7 hours, but, wow, less than two hours later, all the servers were installed and fully configured! Where's the "Easy Button" when you need it? Of course, CSman wanted to dance again and this time, I joined him!

CSman rocking on a dsNet
Well, it's safe to say that our first outing together was a success. I'm looking forward our future exploits together. Keep an eye out for CSman. You never know where he might show up!

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