Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Faster and Faster

Ever have one of those days where you stop, turn your head around and wonder what happened when you weren't looking? I've found as I get older, this happens more and more. I don't think this has anything to do with me not paying attention, rather, I believe it's a byproduct of just how many things change and how fast. The speed of innovation, the willingness of younger generations to adopt new ideas more quickly and the sheer volume of new ideas have combined to create an environment of change that can be overwhelming.

Example: I was chatting with Rita (Rita Joseph, my long time friend, colleague and now manager) about this and she mentioned how the phrases she and I think of as normal are going away. "I heard it on the radio last night" is now "I heard it on Pandora". "Did you catch (name your TV show) last night? No? Guess you'll have to wait for reruns." is now "I caught up with the last 5 episodes of (show) on Netflix yesterday".  I make no judgement because I happen to like most new innovations, however, I get a bit nostalgic thinking about the demise of past technologies.

Now I understand how my grandparents must have felt when man went to the moon or when personal computers became prevalent. To me, this was normal. I've never known life without such things. For my kids, they've never known life without touchscreens and social media.

Sometimes I wonder, is it really going faster now or is it just my turn to notice??

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