Friday, June 15, 2012

If you don't like it, don't buy it

Being a relatively opinionated person myself, I've grown accustomed to using various online channels to share my thoughts on topics from technology to parenting and practically everything in between. For the most part, I generally try to keep my comments productive and positive. I figure my comments might actually be more meaningful and useful if I take such an approach.

It never ceases to amaze me when people use social media and other digital channels to beat each other up based on choices. I find myself asking, why??  Now, I can understand passion for a topic. I can understand begin steadfast in a belief. What makes me shake my head is when opinion sharing becomes snarky, rude, offensive, etc.  Again, why??

Apple vs. (name your favorite PC vendor). If you are happy with your choice, awesome! If you don't care for someone else's choice, again, awesome!

Ford vs. (whoever). Do you like the car you drive? Sweet! Don't care for your neighbor's car of choice? That's cool too, but, do you need to hate on him/her?

Don't like Facebook? Hate Twitter? YouTube? Cats? Dogs? Hot Weather? Cold Weather? Broccoli? Chicken? Football? Soccer? Rock Music? Rap Music? ????  Fine! But, why be judgmental about these things and even more importantly, why be judgmental about the people who DO happen to like them? It's not like someone's choice to use a Mac significantly alters the life of someone who prefers a PC, right??

Bottom line, we are all free to like or hate whatever we wish, but, can't we learn to express our choices and opinions in such a way that we are not being offensive? I love hearing alternative perspectives to my own, but, only when presented in a reasonable fashion. There have always been people who are more than happy to push their opinions on others to the point of being rude. However, with the relative ease of online publishing and the ability to do so anonymously, it seems many more people feel comfortable being nasty. After all, there's no consequences, so why NOT be rude?

My simple rule is this; If I don't like something, it's possible I may mention it, but, I don't buy it, use it, eat it, listen to it or endorse it. If you like whatever it is, I'm glad you're happy.

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